St'art Up 317

A Window of Opportunity for Art and Commerce

St’ArtUp 317 is a pilot program to activate vacant first floor commercial spaces as a strategic tool to catalyze the local economy.

What Is St'art Up 317?

St'art Up 317 is an initiative that matches short-term users like Indy-Centric brands, established businesses, wanting to test a new market, startups and artists with vacant and under-utilized first floor commercial space in downtown neighborhoods to create pop-up stores. Inspired by various creative placemaking initiatives across the country St'art Up 317 was created by PATTERN in partnership with Downtown Indy, Inc with the goal to showcase the talents of budding local creatives and business owners as well as veterans who have honed their craft right here in Indianapolis.

Who Can Apply?

St’art Up 317 is looking for more than just artists. We are seeking individuals, organizations or businesses within Indianapolis, whether that is, painters, designers, small fashion start ups or chef’s looking to test new recipes and menus, that have a passion for their work as well as the city and need a location to showcase this.

When Is It Happening?

Each successful applicant will have access to their allocated property from April 24th - June 7th with the pop-up store expect to be operational throughout May. The extra 14 days have been added to allow tenants time to move into and clear out of their space. St'art Up 317 has chosen May because Indianapolis flexes its event muscles in May attracting more than 500,000 visitors and there's no better time to impress out-of-state visitors and locals alike with vibrant storefronts brimming with business and Hoosier hospitality.


Property Information










Property #1: 1000sqf RETAIL SPACE in the ARTISTRY APARTMENTS NEXT TO ORANGETHEORY (Bathroom access inside Artistry Apartment building for vendors; no bathrooms for customers.

Property #2: 1000sqf Old Auto shop at 1034 Virginia Ave (corner of Virginia & Woodlawn, opposite murphy building

Property #3: 1600sqf 941 N. Meridian


WINDOW #1: 3 windows in Artistry Apartments building along Washington St. next to Assurant

WINDOW #2: Circle Center Mall, Ex-Nordstrom window facing Georgia st near the corner of Meridian And Georgia. (137"x92.5")

WINDOW #3: Circle Center Mall, Ex-Nordstrom window facing Meridian st near the corner of Meridian And Georgia. (137"x92.5")

WINDOW #4: Circle Center Mall, 3 windows across the road from The Conrad next to Carson's (each window measures 52.25" X 134.75")

WINDOW #5: Forte Apartment building, Specific Windows TBA

WINDOW #6: CityWay Building along Delaware. Specific windows TBA

WINDOW #7: CityWay, NW corner of Alabama & South St


Lot #1 Parking lot at 1034 Virginia Ave, Weekend activations only.







“Customers have been really enjoying the pop-up shop and are responding very well”

- Jeff Bradshaw

“The first few weeks that we did it, we surpassed the amount of sales that we did the entire season last year”

- Sam Constantine

"Prior to this, a lot of my business was online. But being here and being visible is great. The business here has kind of outweighed the online business”

- Tee Capel


See our FAQ's page for more details and if you still have queries contact us at: name@email-address.com